DIY 3D Printed Telescope

I came across this a few days ago and was in absolute awe. This is a telescope that can be 3D printed at home and assembled along with a smartphone to take pictures of the night sky. Passionate as I am about both 3D printing and astronomy I will be following this with a great interest, it’s amazing to think that the power of some of NASAs optical equipment can be used at home to get incredible looking images of the sky. UK based Open Space Agency has been cooking this up for sometime, the self titled astropreneurs are a new breed of science guys making incredible things to bring wonder and learning to the masses.

The project is in beta at the moment but the plans to build the scope should be available in October, and anyone of any age can download them, there’s not a lot of detail on the equipment needed to finish the scope, I assume that some mirrors will need to be supplied as this is a classical open truss Newtonian reflector (just like my 8″ scope). Check out the links below to learn more on this exciting demonstration of how the sciences can be brought to anyone, and what more of a beautiful way to do it than the majesty of the solar system! Just take a look at the image they have captured of Jupiter and her moons.

Needless to say I am highly covetous of this small wonder! When I find the funding for a good 3D printer, this is the first on the list of prints.

YouTube vid on UltraScope

Open Space Agency Homepage


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