New PC Ordered for PhD Analysis

Well, its been some weeks since my last post about my new PC hardware, most of that time has been spend agonising over the spec for it (and some holiday time). Finally I have decided what I want and have ordered the machine from (@PCSpecialist). I have decided to go for a lower clock speed on the processor but get one with more cores, that way I can parallelise analyses when needed and get a good stable speed. If I ever need more clock speed, there’s great online reviews of overclocking to 4.5GHz with this CPU and mono combinaiton. So, here is the spec:

The SSD is solely for the OS, apps and fast drive for in analysis work. I’ve also added a DVD drive (no need for blu-ray, I’m a digital kind of guy), additional 3Tb mechanical drive and an ultra quiet PSU. This will be joined by a further two 2Tb mechanical drives in RAID1 configuration when they’re freed up. I was going to be installing Linux on it, but have now gone back to being in favour of Windows 10 due to program availability. This is primarily an analysis machine to support my PhD, so though it’s high spec I won’t be gaming on it, not more than solitaire anyway!

So, it was ordered last week, just waiting for the build to happen so I can get it in my hands, more to follow on how it performs soon!

Very quickly, @PCSpecialist were excellent to purchase from, they’re configurator is great, with lots of options to build you’re own PC, it even tells you how much power you need and if it will all fit into the case! The order process went well too, very informative website with lots of reassuring information before you buy, also comes with a 3 year return to base warranty!


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