Walk To Mordor Challenge

For the last 7 months I’ve been pretty well into getting in shape, I’ve watched far too many superhero movies and TV shows to ignore the fact that while in my head I’d like to look a little bit like the heroes (the male ones) I hadn’t noticed that my general fitness and appearance wasn’t that great!

So over this time I’ve been watching what I eat, calorie counting (with MyFitnessPal app), going to the gym regularly (and using the Excellent Gymaholic iPhone and Apple Watch app) and generally being better with my body that before, I’ve even started kickboxing again after a gap of about four years. Over this time I’ve lost 17kg (38lbs) and about 5% body fat and feel better than ever!

So to keep all this fitness stuff interesting and to be better motivated I joined an online group called NerdFitness. I read a lot of their website and found that it was geared towards geeky/nerdy types who perhaps want a more user friendly approach to fitness where you get to be a virtual character (Here’s mine) and complete quests on your way to your goals. Though to be honest they had me hooked as soon as I saw the posed LEGO figures in their blog pictures.


One of the quests they have is to ‘Walk to Mordor and Back’. Now though Tolkien had supposed ideas of where LondonMordor actually was there is no way to get there in the real world, so the challenge gets you to count up your steps (in km or miles) with a pedometer, Fitbit or phone and slowly cover the virtual 3,664miles that took Frodo from The Shire, to Mordor, back to The Shire and on to the Grey Haven. He also lost a ring on the way somewhere.

Because I have too much time it seems I have modified the original spreadsheet NerdFitness produced for this challenge to suit my needs and have been asked to share it with other members, this seemed the best place to do that and give some instructions:

Download Link:

If you’re a burly caveman who has no need for instructions please go straight ahead and download from here – Walk to Mordor and Back v1


It’s pretty simple really, please note a yellow cell is a user input, a blue cell is auto-calculated.

  1. In cell A18 enter the date that you start the challenge, I have them in UK format but feel free to input it in any weird way you like, you could even use star dates if you like  :-).
  2. Where it has the days of the week (G18) input the values that your device gives you for each day, this can be in miles or km, doesn’t matter at this point. They will automatically total up in cell G25.
  3. Type this total number into the cell adjacent to the date (column C) and make sure you select the units you’re using in column B. The cell in column D will then calculate the distance travelled that week in miles, regardless of which unit you select. (For some reason this cell won’t centre justify which is driving me crazy!).
  4. That’s all there is to it, put the next weeks details in the next row down and slowly you’ll see the figures in the top section increase and the progress bars grow.
  5. You’ll also notice that as you add more weekly miles the cells in column D change colour, this shows where you’ve achieved the most miles in one week.

If there are any problems with the spreadsheet please feel free to contact me through the comments on this blog post, or if you have any ideas of how to make the spreadsheet more useable and/or fun please let me know.


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