#WalkToMordor August Update

It’s been three whole weeks since I started on my epic quest to deliver the one ring into the fiery pits of Mount Doom, in that time I have been fairly busy and not had an dedicated walking time but I have covered nearly 80miles already. You can see my progress in the header of my blog page which will change as frequently as I manage to get time to post on the blog!

Fortunately I’ve not come across any Black Riders as yet, though I have had some other stressors, mainly through work, but I have open questions about whether I’m doing all the right things on my fitness journey such as:

  1. Should I stay in a calorie deficit to help burn away more fat whilst trying to build muscles?
  2. Should I restrict myself to very few carbs (5%) or make it equal to protein intake (35% each)?
  3. Should I just do weights in the gym and keep my cardio to other activities such as walking and Kickboxing?
  4. Why does Windows 10 keep making albums from my pictures even after I tell it not to?
  5. Would Charlie Cox like to take part in a brain transplant with me?

Some of them I think I know the answers to, others I’m confused because the internet is such a busy place with such a difference of opinions everywhere. I should have learnt my lesson by now as reading internet forums was a major contributor to a huge bout of stress and anxiety earlier this year, but I still read the articles on respectable fitness sites.


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