Welcome To GeeksAreBeta

Because in my humble opinion Geeks truly are better!

I am a part-time post-graduate research student with the University of Sheffield working towards a PhD. I am also an Aerospace Engineer employed by Rolls-Royce in Derby where I have worked for 16 years spending my time designing various parts of aircraft engines. On top of all of the and most importantly of all I am a husband and a daddy (my daughters super hero).

My research themes are component optimization, numerical modelling and additive manufacture (3D printing) I hope to combine all of these themes into a useful tool for the design of components that will not only be strong and lightweight but also be robust. Using tools such as Matlab, OptiStruct, LaTeX and C/C++ I hope to build knowledge and share as much as possible with the world.

I am also an ambassador for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics where I aim to inspire school children to follow careers in the sciences, as well as offering advice to older students of how best to get started on their careers. Plus a massive geek, into all manner of technology not always related to my chosen field, and an amateur astronomer.